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The Moringa Project


Since discovering the Moringa tree some years ago whilst working in Mogadishu Somalia, I have had a desire to create a project with global reach and affects.  In the passing years, I have concentrated on finding like-minded people that will see the project as I do. Today I have a very passionate and focused team of individuals who all have very practical skills to allow the team to shine far brighter than it would suggest from a casual overview.

We have now created a new company “INSOLITAM CRESCITE PARTNERSHIP” to wider funding approved but initial seed funding is required.

The project has huge potential not only in humanitarian terms, but also, wider affects of revenue, future production, and technological applications for greener benefits. 


We have managed to establish a relationship with individuals in Somalia and Sierra Leone, with small farms and plantations in :-

  • Baidoa – Somali
  • Wellington – Sierra Leone

Below are links to our Project documents

If you have any thoughts and or suggestions I would be happy to discuss them further.


Our Executive Summary for the Project



Hope of Somalia

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