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Body Armour Product Testing

Praetorian have designed, tested, manufactured it’s own Body Armour. The video provides a raw exhibition of its capabilities. 

There has been significant research and development of a new Material that will replace the armour used in the video. We, Praetorian are looking for those interested, for funding to bring this new material to market. 




Ballistic Armour Live Fire Test  

This ballistic test was carried out during the time when PRAETORIAN ASSOCIATES LTD was using the material in its protective products. The video is typical of how Praetorian used to demonstrate to its potential clients on a regular basis.  

The unique capability of this material was its ability to absorb and redirect the energy from the impact laterally; so efficient was the material that it was able to defeat BURST FIRE 9mm rounds.         

Further more the material was WATERPROOF, which is a significant issue with any traditional ballistic material. In combination with it’s protection covering:  

  • Ballistics
  • Knife
  • Fragmentation
  • Blunt Trauma


The material was /is useable in numerous products used for protective products such as:  

  • Body Armour
  • Hard Armour High Velocity Plates
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Modular Vehicle Armour
  • allistic Blankets
  • Arm / Leg Guards
  • Inner Soles 

In addition to the above the material shows it can sustain significant damage and still provide protection.

Please contact Martin Beale with your interest and for more information.



Given today's world security awareness and understanding security training and skills are ever required in various forms to maintain a some control over the environment to allow for a basic level of freedom of movement and activity allowing for prudent levels of tasks and business to be conducted. Praetorian has conducted services in a number of testing environments and can call on a wide range of associates to support all requirements.



Praetorian has the capabilities to create and deliver solutions for standard and custom needs that will provide additional skill sets to those that are in need for both immediate and long term requirements.  Whether a need for formal and established skills, or those that are to best support those in difficult conditions and situations.



Given the years of acquired experience and the variety of knowledge that has been garnered can be finely tuned to deliver the right advice and direction for the clients needs that will allow for the best outcomes.



In all testing and arduous situations and climates the right support in equipment and services are paramount. Praetorians skills and expertise, accumulated over the years, where praetorian has been working and developing networks of key contacts in fields that cover a wide and varied range of requirements.


Project Management

Where necessary, Praetorian can offer well experienced and skilled individuals that are qualified and capable of calling upon experienced individuals for heading key and crucial projects world wide. With key attributes that enable the clear focusing of the priorities that promote and support progressive development of the projects at hand. Efficiency is key to provide the results needed, knowing who, where, when and what will bring those results.

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