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Case Studies


Martin Beale has been employed and implemented private ventures and projects in such diversified regions including throughout Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Guinea, and South Africa.

His abilities cover a wide range of areas, which include and are not restricted to, Construction, Security, Ballistics, Electronic Counter measures, focused networking in foreign countries for key contacts and skills sets for supporting further development and project implementation.

Recently, Martin Beale has ever growing experience in Mogadishu, Somalia since September 2010, in various capacities including as Project Manager for SKA Somalia and other private business ventures and was tasked with managing all aspects of special projects at Aden Adde International Airport (f/k/a Mogadishu Airport) and Mogadishu’s Port and managed operations over all aspects of security and other vital re-building projects.

Continuing to build on his established contacts and capabilities he is also working closely with the many entities that are leading the redevelopment of the country and its local and, international staff, allows for a highly focused efficient effort to bring awareness to the international community for realistic opportunities in Somalia, specifically Mogadishu, Central and South Somalia. 


United Kingdom

Praetorian demonstrated and made clear in roads to providing armour solutions to a wide range of services, from UK MoD, and SF units, to Police and Cash in transit companies.



During the years 2003 – 2006 Praetorian made significant moves into the environment of the post conflict Iraq. Promoting and demonstrating to key entities that were acutely involved in the security and re building of the country at that time. Praetorian was offering it’s armour at the well known Duty Free compound.

Praetorian was asked, In 2006 by DYNCORP, to provide a Combat Trial of our ECM ( Electronic Counter Measures ) system. This was carried out in April 2006 when the highest number and intensity of IED’s worldwide, was in Iraq. Praetorian proved the system as unique and proven to have been responsible for saving at least 14 lives during and post trial.



Praetorian was asked to visit Pakistan and oversee a formal demonstration of it’s armour for the Pakistan  Military and police forces. Staying at the PoF ( Pakistan Ordinance factory ) we worked and had numerous meetings throughout the stay with key individual of the Armed and Police forces.


United Arab Emirates 

Praetorian Demonstrated its armour to the Amiri guard.



In our constant endeavours to market the armour Praetorian went to the US and demonstrated its protective capabilities to Orange County Police. This then led onto Praetorian Bidding for an LAPD tender.

In 2005 Praetorian was at the 2005 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas with the primary aim of providing a demonstration at a local Gun range for the Police.

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