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About Us

Praetorian is a security, development and training company working in the UK and across Europe, Asia and Africa.   The founder Martin Beale has been developing and nurturing an ever growing network of associates, and businessmen and their companies worldwide.  He has established a standing and credibility that can be hard to match. He lets his reputation speak for itself and the continued support that is manifested in times of need and or unexpected events allow him to continue to provide the services using a high calibre of contacts, to provide Safety, Security and Survival.


In recent years, Praetorian have worked very closely with Somalia.  Stationed in Mogadishu they were commissioned to over see establishment of new project from establishing contacts with local officials, departments and services. Develop and evolve productive and safe working practices and environment for operations at Airport and future options at seaport.


The intentions were always to bring internationally recognized skills to the airport, we began with the staff we hired and were the first to provide and be successful in providing training and an exam which allowed for the local staff to better themselves.

Praetorian not only trained individuals but also supported in the set up of departments with ease and bring about results that would benefit their associates and the future of the airport itself.


Even with the main focus on the airport and seaport operations Martin Beales task was also to establish new contacts in the city, in key individuals, business and political areas. Martin Beale finds it simple to meet and create relationships with ease, hence is able to adapt and bring the services of Praetorian to many situations.









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